• Where knowledge and wisdom are present: transdisciplinary research to enter in-between spaces / Akihiro Miyata
  • Knowledge networking to enhance local future design capabilities / Terukazu Kumazawa
  • More inclusive public engagement activities / Kei Kano
  • Guideline to span boundaries in research data disclosure / Ui Ikeuchi
  • Openness, politics, and ethics of digital maps / Toshikazu Seto, Yuichiro Nishimura
  • Investigating the effects of graphic recording in meetings / Junko Shimizu・Kenichiro Nakajima
  • Serious board game jam as a transdisciplinary exercise / Kazuhiko Ota

Case studies

  • Aquatic weeds in Lake Biwa: the ideal and the real of the Open Team Science Method / Yasuhisa Kondo
  • Filling research-implementation gaps in biodiversity with the Open Team Science Method / Takeshi Osawa
  • Beginning a transdisciplinary research project of a watershed and its communities / Noboru Okuda
  • Summer school to learn about transdisciplinary methods and strategic questioning / Kenichi Sato
  • Exploring another circuit of thinking between experts and non-experts / Satoe Nakahara
  • What is environmental traceability? / Ichiro Tayasu
  • Ideal partnership between social and natural scientists / Takeshi Nakatsuka
  • Renaissance of vernacular residence and visualization of knowledge in Oman / Kengo Hayashi
  • Are you sure to do transdisciplinary research? / Hideyuki Ōnishi